Peering with Symantec

Symantec is moving towards a model of operating with three regionalised ASs with Symantec WSS's (Blue Coat) separate global AS. Currently you may see traffic from a number of different ASs, but an effort is underway to merge all of our commercial networks behind AS21345 in Europe, AS26282 in North America and AS7583 in Asia Pacific & Japan. Symantec WSS will continue to operate globally under AS27471.

For more information about Symantec please visit our corporate website.


While Symantec does not require a signed peering agreement with its peers it expects peers to be in line with the following policy:

Peering Points

We are available on a number of public exchanges today, with more coming.

Please see the following PeeringDB entries for an up-to-date list of peering locations and facilities:


Please email all peering requests and inquiries to: